From One Borderline to Another

IMG_4044I haven’t posted in … over a year.  Because I didn’t learn my lessons well.  My borderline mother died and set me free, so I invited my MIL with an even bigger dose of BPD to build a house on my hard earned 16 acres and make me a slave again. The lesson I finally learned:  BPDs want to occupy every square inch of your mind.  Do you have four children?  Tough shit.  Do you have breast cancer?  Sucks to be you, sucker.  Did you survive the terrorist attack in Paris?  Oh, how terrible! You deserve it because you are the cause of all my suffering.  Did you have to undergo a full mastectomy?  Too bad. I will mentally abuse you, your spouse, you kids, and any chump who dares to ignore my supremacy. Go “no contact” with her for 6 months? Fine, I’ll marry a naive redneck who doesn’t have any idea about what is going to hit him in the nuts.  That’ll show y’all.

Like my dad says:  No good deed goes unpunished. 


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