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Let’s do this . . .

nofaceI came home from November Paris attacks to a letter from the Mary Ellen Locher Breast Center . . . mammogram on November 11 . . . abnormality  . . we would like you to return in six to twelve months. The next day, a nurse called to inform me that I needed to come in STAT.  Poor lady–she was more shaken up than I was.

We sent you the wrong letter.

I reported the next day for a second mammogram and ultrasound.  I’ve seen cancer before. When I read that 75-80% of these findings are negative, I knew I’d not be in the favored percentile.

A full mastectomy and phase 1 of reconstruction was complete on March 23.

Today, after a grueling night shift, my husband told me of the surgeon’s call:

Left breast, invasive cancer.  1.8cm. entire breast DCIS entered into the left nipple.  Lymph node, 3-4 cells. Herceptin. Tumor board meets today.  

I don’t remember, but he told me I said,

Well, let’s do this. 




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