Emergency Preparedness Plan

Our region was under threat of tornadoes this week, and we had an open invitation to rush to our neighbor’s basement in case of imminent danger.  I have a real go-getter girl who is always thinking ahead.  At some point, while donning a headlamp and preparing to save everyone’s life–serving dinner before the storms hit, baking bread, getting a makeshift storm shelter set up in the kids’ closet, stocking it with water and food–my daughter informed she had assembled necessary supplies in the event that we had to run for our lives.  FIVE backpacks of toys, stuffed animals, who knows what else, AND her weaving loom!  My husband has reminded me that this was precious; it was quite overwhelming and exasperating in the moment.  However, it’s been a good reminder for me to stop and appreciate the ways that each of my children are wired.  I have since thanked her for her presence of mind in a moment of crisis.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness Plan

  1. sherilinr says:

    how wonderful that she was ready to take on the storm with thoughtfulness and plans for all of you! that’s going to serve her well later in life.

  2. Her “plan ahead” personality really is a blessing to all of us. Whenever we fly, she picks up car seats, bags, you name it and leads the charge into the airport, onto the shuttle or plane, or toward the car rental counter. If she doesn’t have an entire staff one day, I’ll eat my socks.

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