Yelling Fast

I’ve been struggling with my three-year-old this week over his abuse of my car, a sexy black Odyssey named Bianca. I have a friend who refers to me as the “car nazi.”  I don’t like dings, scratches, spills, dents and above all, I don’t like a messy car.  I also have four kids. Twice this week, I’ve found my boy climbing on the hood of my car, and today I discovered he had crash landed my husband’s vintage Star Wars ship on it.  He had to be disciplined, so he didn’t get to help prepare or consume the homemade pretzels we were making for Lent.  Since I wanted to give up yelling for Lent, today was a good day.  Tomorrow, we’ll all be taking a joyride to auto detail shop.  Stay tuned to see if I stick to the “yelling fast.”

One thought on “Yelling Fast

  1. Noel says:

    Brilliant, “I wanted to give up yelling for Lent” I love that! Being an Italian who came from a large family, yelling is something that I do and don’t even realize I am doing it. My 13 year old said to me the other day, “Mom are you mad at me?” and I was shocked, I said “No, not at all” and she said, “Well then why are you yelling at me?” OUCH! It was a good reminder about my tone of voice checker. I have to keep that checker in check, quite often it gets out of hand!

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