Throwing Out, Growing Up (better than the reverse)

Here is my Sunday post on Monday.  We’ve been cleaning out the garage some more.  My husband and I were watching a Hoarders episode the other night and he mentioned that it might be good it to show our girls.  He thought it might give them a better understanding of why we don’t allow them to keep everything they’ve ever loved.  The episode I showed them focused partially on a child who had started to hoard.  The girls were definitely affected by the glimpses into lives of those people.  For our whole family, it is a good, strong reminder of how we could turn out if we don’t restrain ourselves.

On a similar note, I found this on YouTube today:

I have always admired those who can make small square footage work so efficiently.  Granted, our family is twice the size of this one, but it makes me wonder what’s possible.  We’ve recently decided not to enlarge our 2500 SF home into a 3500 SF home (Go, us!)  I don’t think I’d miniaturize our life permanently, but it does encourage thoughts of our family living overseas one day.

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