Having a blog is much like owning a rental property: sometimes you want to be an absentee landlord.  You hold your breath and hope the tenants don’t call about an emergency repair or necessary maintenance.  You avoid certain streets so you won’t get a glimpse of your “investment” as you whizz by.  In fact, you just pray that it’s still standing, and in case it’s not, that you paid the insurance premium on time. The day of reckoning comes when a tenant moves out, the A/C unit needs to be replaced, or when the city sends a warning about the grass being too high.  I wish this metaphor were just that, but I’ve experienced all of this and more of late, and it’s good to get back to managing my blog.  I’m stockpiling interviews and general musings on minutiae.  Stop by for a walk-through. No deposit required.

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