Taking Charge

2014 is coming to a close, but I’ve been too distracted for interviews or posts.  I started an exercise regimen and lost 10 pounds.  I gained back six over time, but I am stronger and have muscle definition that I’ve never seen before.  I can now hike 10 miles, run a bit, and do push-ups.  I’m saving my paddle boarding enthusiasm for 2015, but I can hardly wait to try that first yoga pose on the river!  We continue to educate our kids, navigate a relationship with a family member living on our property, plan some exciting trips abroad, and now operate an Airbnb rental. This new development has been so rewarding and fun. Further, we’ve gained momentum on our Ramsey-eque debt snowball, making space and freedom for other ideas.

Earlier this year, I had prayed that God would take some things off my plate, responsibilities that I didn’t want anymore, duties that felt too peripheral, too disintegrated to truly be worthy of continued financial, emotional, and mental energy.  I think His word to me was, “It’s time for you to take charge.  I want you to learn to learn to persevere in the face of what I have given you to do and steward it well.”  This has forced me to solve problems more creatively, something that is so good for my mind.  And in order to take charge well, I had to enlist help with some responsibilities and rearrange other ones.   So, bring on 2015!  A year for me to stretch more creatively into that calling of perseverance and stewardship!

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