I’ve read a couple of local lifestyle magazines lately, mostly when I’m stuck in a waiting room.  The first mag showed an advertisement for a local gated community.  At the top of the page were the words: “Investing in a Lifestyle.”  I realized that vision was one I could not have for my life–one that emphasizes constant upgrades, upkeep, and keeping up.  The second mag I read featured an article on a local plastic surgeon and his wife at their new custom home.  I’ve met this couple, so it was intriguing to get a peek into their life.  The home would have been beautiful to most people, but I was nonplussed.  Besides the fact that the style of house is very traditional, every empty space was filled with expensive art pieces that demanded attention.  There were no areas for your eyes to rest.  In the interview, the couple spoke of their daughters being the main reason for this collection that they will pass on when they die.

I prefer a less ostentatious house with a few really nice things that we can enjoy looking at. But, I want my home to be a place where people look at other people, not my stuff.  And, I don’t want to pressure my kids to be in relationship with me because they anticipate some crazy inheritance.  I hope my grown children will share a common understanding about how we do life, not how we style it.  I hope to successfully mentor them in the things we believe are most important. And when I die, I hope I pass on some really beautiful memories that will stay with my children the rest of their lives.

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